golfers’ movement begins from the feet

This applies to all athletes.

The main reason that golfers have problems with their knees, shoulders, back, etc. is because they are not moving from their feet.   If one moves from the feet, first, then they are first, grounded and have more power in their swing.   The impact on the ball is achieved with the whole body, not just the shoulders or by straining the back.

When I have a client I find that working a painful area is beneficial but not the whole story.  After all, the pain is a symptom of so much more.  A better solution is to integrate all the areas of the body. This gives my client the ability to work their body as a whole.  Taken to their game, it allows for more efficiency, fluidity, accuracy and distance from each swing.  There is an ease and more control of the movement because of the grounding and balance that is achieved.  Now that body has the capacity of having the movement travel through the body and out.   Not piecemeal and in snippets of energy that work against the body.  More expenditure of energy comes through the body as a whole and out to the ball.

For those who wish to participate in the sport for an indefinite length of time, feet first.