No body is ever ‘finished’…There is always another ‘layer’…

We want to be finished with any body work we do as if we will be perfect after a session or two.

What we do not realize is how much we use our bodies each day.

Forms change.  After balancing one layer, the other layers underneath are revealed,  which may be even more twisted than the prior layer. Working off these layers builds a more balanced body.  You pair down, layer by layer, clearing and balancing the body.

It’s like this tree.  Perfect!  Perfectly in bloom, balanced.

Below the beautiful foliage is the next area, which can be twisted, as these limbs are, that can become more balanced.  This goes layer by layer then like the rings of the tree.

Start your health check list:

This fall/winter season brings the time to take inventory of your physical well-being.

1.  Keep eating GOOD FOOD!  Remember that Holidays can do havoc with your diet.

2.  Exercise!  It will keep you fit and work off tension.

3.  Keep your body in tune…bodywork time!  We shovel, walk with parcels, trim trees.  Avoid injuries by keeping your body maintenance schedule.  The better we move, the more we can avoid injury and strain.  Besides, it helps with the exercise part!

4.  Remember to take advantage of your HSA and Flexible spending accounts before the year ends!


I have come to believe the benefits of Structural Integration is good for every body.  Really I have believed it for a long time and with my own practice and the research that has been done, it has proved to not only make a person feel better but to THRIVE!

What distinguishes Structural Integration from other forms of body work is the fact that I do not work piecemeal.  I work on the whole body, differentiating each muscle group and attachment that can get glued down.  Each body is individual and Structural Integration provides and takes into account each person’s needs and its relationship in space. There is a definite system that provides physical, educational and lasting benefits that helps a person thrive.

I urge those of your curious enough to want to try this, to book an appointment to begin a journey that provides benefits you cannot imagine.

Please contact me to schedule or with questions: 917-544-4412 or