Alzheimer’s disease is a complex condition with many underlying causes – Dr Dale Bresden likens these factors to 36 holes in a roof – there’s no point in fixing just one. Sleeping disorders can play a big part in the development of Alzheimer’s, so it’s worthwhile exploring exactly why – and what you can do about it.

October 2nd is Global Airway Health Day. Airway-Centered Disorder, or ACD, is a structural and physiological condition of the mouth, jaw, nasal passages, tongue, or throat that involves an obstruction of the upper airways, which can affect breathing 24 hours a day – including and especially during sleep.

ACD is a “hidden” airway problem, and when not recognized, the expressions of the ACD are treated and the underlying disorder remains – to be expressed yet again in another form.

It is important to get screened for an Airway-centered disorder, and this screening quiz is a good place to start in addition to making an appointment at our office. We invite you to become an airway advocate, and champion the recognition, diagnosis, and treatment of airway-related disorders.

from Dr. Michael Gelb of The Gelb Institute