A story…

Years ago when I was dancing I had trouble keeping my right foot’s big toe lying flat on the floor. My teacher was very frustrated with me and I was very frustrated with this toe. What was wrong?

Fast forward many years later, working on many feet and other parts of the leg, and I came to realize that it wasn’t just my toe. The toe was the symptom. The cause was an injury years before when I was attempting to do an African dance routine. I shattered the pad of my big toe. Years later, scar tissue and tight musculature was hampering it’s ability to lie flat.

I see this on my clients at times. It’s part of getting the foot into a balanced state . This plus working up the leg, reopens this tissue so that the foot can lie down naturally and become efficient.

That’s all it is. No big dramatic thing, no need to berate yourself or your body. Realigning the foot and body on top of it, goes a l-o-n-g way to helping it recover it’s naturally effective shape.