Having chronic pain is not for the faint of heart.  It is the monkey on your back, that black hole, the all consuming nightmare that is with you.  Giving it a name:  “Pain” or owning it: “My pain” only sets you back.  It then takes on a life of its own. These are constant themes that all people who have chronic pain have lived.lighteing clouds

Many times an injury is gone but the tissue cannot let go so pain can linger.   People spend years trying to find out what is causing their discomfort and all out pain.  Once they do, it is a matter of constant research because they soon realize that they need to.  Trial and error.  Figure out what works and when and keep moving.   Research. Get your tool box together.  Experiment. The answers will appear.  The body can heal.  It does require patience and knocking on doors.  And listening.  But it does and can get better.  I have lived it and I understand it.  Structural Integration can unravel the tissue to the source and peel off layers of stuck tissue.  The more we can unwind, stretch and open up different layers that lead to the core, we discover a person who is no longer stuck in their bodies, stuck in pain.  This is worth the work.