About Cody

I found Rolfing® (Structural Integration) when I lived in San Francisco. I was dancing at the time and thought it would be a great tool to use while I danced.  It became great aid to me during my dance career.

Years later I fell on black ice. I fell just to the left of my tail bone. Everything on the left side was damaged and I had severe nerve pain.

There began the series of doctors, physical therapy, nerve root blocks, massage, chiropractors, pain medication and acupuncture. They all helped for awhile but nothing lasted. Then there were the psychological issues. I, who had once danced, swam, hiked, did yoga, was reduced to not dancing, swimming and walking very little and all with pain. Everything I did caused pain. It was a terrible time.

My mission then became to find something that would put me back together, something that lasted. I knew I could get better. I knew I didn’t have to be in pain the rest of my life.

I found relief with Structural Integration and the ability to self correct my way back into balance and out of pain. I found it an incredible journey back to health, not only restoring my body but my spirit as well.

~ Cody

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