What does Rolf work (Structural Integration) do?

What Structural Integration Can Do for You

Body Alignment

When your car tires are out of alignment, the added stress causes them (and other parts) to wear out prematurely.

When your body is out of alignment, thaspinet premature wear and tear is on your bones, muscles and even your organs.

And, hey, if you think car parts are expensive…

Structural Integration can give you quick, long-lasting pain relief, increase your energy, improve your posture, resilience, flexibility, and…


Do you feel that if you were still using a Growth Chart you’d now be marking it in the opposite direction? Blame gravity, which is constantly pulling on us, compressing us.balance

By re-sculpting the fascia to keep it supple and elongated (its natural state), S.I. frees the body to feel less compressed and in a more natural balance. This balance is known as…

Tensegrity (ten-SEH-gritty)

balanceballsTensegrity is an architectural term for the balance and stability achieved by using the equal, but opposing forces of tension and compression. Like those big cables on long bridges. S.I. uses these same forces. The result is that you feel lighter, better, have more mobility and move with greater ease. Without cables.

Some clients tell me they’ve even gotten taller as a result of Structural Integration!

If you’re looking to be healthier, more flexible, with more energy (and maybe even grow a little), call for a free consultation. Contact me today!


Rolfing®, more commonly known as Structural Integration, can help an individual relieve stress and tension, improve athletic performance, increase energy and balance and align the body, reducing back and neck pain, among other benefits.

Most bodies are in a state of imbalance.  As we grow older, we often “shrink” in height and slowly lose flexibility.


Gravity is a guiding principle of Structural Integration (a term Ida Rolf used for her work).  It
is the most potent physical fasciaforce the body
has to deal with. Structural Integration grounds the structure
and in order to balance it, creates an opposing and equal pull in the other direction.


When this happens, tensegrity is achieved.  The term “tensegrity” means tension + integrity, which generates ultimate balance. One is less compressed, is lighter,  has better mobility and moves with ease.


Rolf work is a combination of hands-on
manipulation of the body with movement
re-education. It focuses on the fascia or the tissue that surrounds the muscles and all other systems in the body.  Working this tissue, it opens, naturally allowing oxygen and blood to flow through it.


Soft, Pliable, Three Dimensional Tissue that was once constricted, glued down and scarred now becomes soft and malleable.
It can be manipulated, very effectively, to realign, ease and balance the body.

Structural Integration is a very personal process. No two people
will experience it in the same way nor will the benefits be the same. Feelings of discomfort or pain are often alleviated.
Some people appear taller and slimmer and actually gain up to an inch in height.


Structural Integration is a process that offers effective
and long lasting results. These factors go
a long way in enhancing one’s performance
and well-being.

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