Leaf on my Windshield

Driving around the other day I heard this loud pittering sound, like something… say under the hood of my car …was messed up.  It scares me to think anything is wrong with my car.

I arrived at my destination to see what it could be.  I looked at the fender which I thought could be an issue (it was before). 

Then I saw this leaf barely attached to the windshield wiper.  I took this photo then took the leaf off.  When I got back into my car and started it…..the sound was gone!

The moral of this story is that it doesn’t take too much of a deviation, of a disruption, to cause a profound effect in something else.  A little leaf, loosely hanging onto a windshield wiper, causing enough of a noise, a disruption as to make me think something was dreadfully wrong.  

So it is with our bodies.  We are NOT that big!  It does not take some enormous ‘thing’ to begin the compensation process in our bodies.  That compensation expands and becomes a bigger issue over time.  However, once it is removed, can calm the body and mind and spirit.