One of my greatest wishes is to do a study focused on the use of Structural Integration to help burn survivors. Fortunately, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with children at the Shriners Burns Hospital for Children in Texas.

shrine_page_picShriners Burns Hospital – Galveston is a 30 bed hospital.  It has an ICU with 15 acute beds, a reconstruction and plastic surgery unit with 15 reconstructive beds, three operating rooms, a multi-bed recovery room, clinics and a large outpatient population.  The Galveston Shriners Hospital has treated patients of all ages from around the world. – Source:

Structural Integration made a decided difference with the children I worked with during my time there.  I saw progress in their energy, movement ability and freedom from pain. I believe it would also keep contractures* at bay.

I look forward to doing further work with survivors of burns from fire, radiation, chemicals and other causes.

My other passion? To give people hope that things CAN get better, their bodies can improve after injury and that it can keep functioning optimally. . . well into old age.


* a permanent shortening (as of muscle, tendon, or scar tissue) producing deformity or distortion    — Source: Merriam-Webster Dictionary