Just wanted to give you update! Had great days Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday!  Friday was just okay.  Today a good day!!  On Thursday I got in 1,000 steps, the most since I started!!  Yahoo!  Today I got in 1200, but had to split it up.  Making progress, slowly, but thank you for all your work/help and encouragement!!

Mary P, SC


Thank you for your tireless dedication and excellence in realigning my body through Structural Integration. I miss you already and look forward to returning in the Spring.  May the Lord richly bless you and all that your hand touches.

Diane H.  SC and FLA


I have been continuing my Rolf sessions with Cody during the summer months in SC.  Cody has helped calm down my neck pain so I can sleep!  My hand, which was contracted, has now been opened enough that I have canceled surgery.  I am also playing tennis harder than I have in a long time.  

Thanks Cody and see you next summer!

Dan H.    SC and FLA

Cody, I would like to thank you for “manipulating” a miracle on my acute back pain issue. I rarely have back pain, and I still can’t figure out what triggered it that day. Its timing was terrible–I had to make a ten hour drive the next day, and was dreading that ordeal. I was familiar with Rolfing, from many many years ago–but not from the perspective of dealing with an acute pain issue, but as a ongoing proactive treatment. I decided to give you a call, just to see if you thought you might be able to give me some relief before I hit the road the next morning. I called you that evening, and graciously agreed to meet me very early (a Saturday!) at your office that morning. We spent about 45 minutes together, and by the time I left for Delaware an hour later, my back pain had almost completely disappeared–and by the time I had driven 4-5 hours of the 10 hour drive, my back was completely pain-free! I couldn’t believe it! That was a good while ago–and I have been back-pain free since that one session! Thank you so much for making that session happen on such short notice–and for creating that wonderful healing energy through your powerful hands!!
In JOY, Larry A.  Greenville, SC
Cody is an amazing Rolf practitioner!  She took care of my head/neck/back pain in an hour and it hasn’t come back since. Thank you for your intuitive maneuvers, Cody!
Louisa O. Wilton, CT
Cody’s sessions helped me immensely in several areas of my body that were in discomfort and pain from a horseback riding accident. Her enthusiasm, expertise and persistence helped resolve the issues so that I have better freedom of movement when I ride my horse. She has a caring manner that creates results.
Barbara W. – New Canaan, CT


I was introduced to Cody through a mutual friend and I am so thankful to know her! I had my first session a couple of days ago. Wow! The tension in my back is gone and I can breath deeper. It is amazing! I had Rolfing done six years ago and it was extremely painful. Cody applies just the right amount of pressure to get the job done without you feeling like you’ve been through beating. I highly recommend Cody!

Vickie B.  – Greenville, SC

Cody is an expert at reading the body. In a short time she has been able to help me release strain patterns from old injuries.  Her work is gentle and very effective.  The shifts and changes are long lasting and have created more ease and flow in my body.  Thank you, Cody

Christina M.  Wilton, CT


I took my son to Cody after he was discouraged from seeing doctors and physical therapist while getting minimal relief from his overuse cross country injuries.  After the first session, my son immediately felt better and asked when he could see Cody again.  Not only did Cody help my son physically but she was extremely accommodating with his busy training schedule.  He not only made it through the season but also qualified and competed in the XC Nike Nationals. Cody helped my son tremendously and I would recommend her to anyone.

Wendy M – Westport, CT


My jaw feels amazing!

Suzanne C. – Fairfield, CT


We both feel great! My shoulder rarely bothers  me.

I am able to swim and do pilates and yoga thanks to you! Kimi is also doing well.
Fay B – NYC    


I am crippled on the right side of my body and my left side is stressed from being over-worked.

Through working with Cody and receiving Structural Integration, I am more mobile, my right side moves better, my mind body and soul are refreshed.

Mary Beth – Greenville, SC


I didn’t fully understand how Structural Integration worked, until I started working with Cody. Structural Integration with Cody is making a huge difference in my life.

My posture is so greatly improved, that my lower back pain is almost non-existent.  I suspect that by the time we’re finished I will have no lower back pain at all.  I feel grounded, feet firmly planted.  I’m also so much more flexible.

If you want the quality of your day-to-day life to improve, see Cody.

Judith B. – NY, NY


Dear Fellow Golfers:

I was introduced to Cody last year at our club championship tournament. She demonstrated what she does as a Rolf Practitioner does to help people have more flexibility and less pain.

I was a golfer that was in constant pain (of various degrees) when playing golf, especially if I played several days in a row. I started treatments with Cody shortly afterwards and have experienced some remarkable results. I has immediate relief in my lower back. I think the increased flexibility has allowed me to play virtually pain free for the last several months. In fact last year I was fortunate enough to play 10 different courses in Ireland last fall in a 12 day trip. I walked every step and felt great the entire trip.

I do not feel that I would have been able to do so with out the work that Cody had been doing for me.
Ken F.
Greenville, SC  


I have a 4 year old granddaughter who has cerebral palsy. She went to Structural Integration with severe spasticity and uncoordinated movements. She is a very bright student and has begun learning sign language. While in her walker at school she joins in with her peers when playing with great laughter. She is determined to walk, which was/is difficult at times because of her lack of muscle control and balance.

She had nine sessions. During this time, she also had limited physical therapy at her school, which consisted of very short sessions a few times a week. She was always excited to see “Dr Cody” her sessions were a good workout for her, which always left her a little tired (a good thing). As the sessions progressed, she seemed stronger on her legs and core and more balanced in her movements. Her legs more often weren’t as hyper-extended and standing was easier for her to maintain. Also, Cody was so helpful in showing me some things that I need to pay attention to in order to help her continue to strengthen.

So she would remain still for her therapy, we quickly found all the things that would make her relaxed during treatment, such as signing rhymes or telling her stories and even watching her sign language videos on her pad, these all worked with great success!

We look forward to working with Cody in the future.

Thank you so much,

Elena – Greenwich, CT

“I recently received the ten basic Rolfing sessions from Cody Smolik. I am 75 years old, proving once again that we are never too old to undergo Rolfing. I enjoyed the work with Cody immensely and found it very rewarding, both physically and emotionally. Cody has a masterful touch, gentle yet firm and healing. In addition, she has a wonderful and healing personality, and it has been my pleasure to have had her work upon me.”

Eugene Marks – Boulder, CO

“I received my first 10 series about 5 years ago and it was amazing. I had never felt like I was really in my body before. I had been in several accidents and the series transformed me from a hunched over twisted wreck into something more workable. I decided to do my second ten series with Cody on a whim, not really expecting to get much out of it. But I was wrong. Cody took my body from a feeling of no longer being crippled to a feeling of true balance and ease. I now have a much stronger sense of my body and can carry myself effortlessly through life.”

Will Ruddick – Boulder, CO

“Confucius said ‘choose a job you love and you will never work a day in your life’; this resonates each time I meet with Cody for a Rolfing session. She has a sincere love and profound understanding of the human anatomy and her craft as a Rolfer. After years of pain as an athlete with tight hip abductors, I was referred to Cody by one of the top orthopedic practitioners in NYC. Cody deconstructed and recreated a healthy way for my body to move as a whole synergy instead of in parts. I encourage all to see Cody, not just to have a deeper awareness of one’s own body, but to have lasting relief of  and pains.”

Kari Betts – NY, NY

“For the past four years, Cody has been my Rolfer.  Cody is dependable, on time and maintains a tranquil Rolfing atmosphere.
I’ve worked through the recommended 10 sessions with Cody and am currently working through the advanced  sessions.  Rolfing sessions with Cody provide me relief from the lingering back and neck pain that, like most people, I became so used to living with. Over the years, I’ve come to understand what it is like to be pain free because my body is aligned on a deep structural level thanks to Cody’s knowledge of the human anatomy and the body’s  movement patterns.
Without a doubt, my favorite part of working with Cody occurs at the end of each session. Cody takes the time to educate me on, what I call, “a daily structural strategy or exercise” to maintain the progress I am making. It is like having a personal coach!
Cody is truly a master of the Rolfing craft and, most importantly, she continually empowers me on my journey to be in charge of my physical health.  I highly recommend her Rolfing services to anyone who needs relief  from acute or chronic pain and is ready to change their physical well-being.”

Lori Buskey – CT

“I first went to see Cody with a sports related ailment that neither a sports doctor nor a physical therapist was able to resolve. Now, after two years, I continue with her for health maintenance, having learned that my issue was not an isolated one, but rather a result of how my body was functioning as a whole. With her calm, soothing tone and firm touch, I learned that Rolfing is not the painful experience I had heard it was all those years ago, but rather a cooperative effort between Cody and myself toward eliminating physical discomfort from everyday life. I ask questions and give her feedback, and together we determine how my body is reacting to her work. Perhaps the most interesting and valuable thing I realized while going through the initial ten-session series with Cody, is that if I didn’t feel the effects of a specific treatment immediately, I inevitably did a day or two later. Her suggestions to trust in the work and let my body remember what it should feel like are why I continue to see Cody for occasional adjustments. As a 57 year old, I am determined to give my body all the help it needs to continue to function at its best as I move into my later years. Cody and Rolfing are helping with that.”

Rian S. – NY, NY

“Cody Smolik is fantastic! After a persistent stiffness in my shoulder that had been going on for about a month, I then had a sudden and dramatic issue with intense pain that made my entire arm almost useless. Cody worked her Rolfing magic and after one session I was immediately back to form. Looking forward to continuing the work on a more ongoing basis.”
Ric K. – Fairfield County, CT