the “Recipe”

Ida Rolf called her 10 series session as ‘the recipe’.  I have wondered why.  Pondering this, I figured this out to my satisfaction which makes so much sense to me.

When you bake a cake, for example, you don’t stop with putting flour into a bowl and then putting sugar next to it, then butter, then eggs, etc. fully mixed batter This will not make anything near a cake.  The chemical reaction and blending of these ingredients, however, will.




So it needs to be mixed together.  Not even a partial mix will do unless you want uneven texture and taste.





All of the ingredients need to be thoroughly blended so that the chemical reactions can occur, the texture and flavors are consistent.






Then in the oven it goes to have the raw product which began as parts or pieces and was put into a whole, to be further integrated in the oven until there is a finished product…a cake.





The body begins as a disorganized thing that often works one part independently of the other.  This makes for an efficient, cumbersome, inflexible one.

With Structural Integration, the body’s parts become more pliable, becoming more homogenous and ordered into a balanced whole.



This putting together of the body has its reward in that it works as a whole, with itself and further with the Earth’s gravitational pull.

The body then continues to integrate, building strength, flexibility and resilience, producing freedom of movement and freedom from pain.


We are the finished product of putting ourselves together.  How fortunate there is a technique like this.